Funniest Housewives of Orange County


Mar 21 Wed
8:00 PM

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Critics are raving over the “Funniest Housewives” comedy group that brings to the stage hilarious stereotypes with a diverse cast of outrageous characters. Whether you’re a traditional trophy wife, PTA Mom, or a single lady looking… you’ll recognize the rules, the annoyance and the wild physicality striving to be you!  The outrageously popular comedians have appeared on national media such as The View, Letterman, Tonight Show, Conan, Girls Behaving Badly, Comedy Central, and Showtime. Each character is named for her quirk, such as Dysfunctional Housewife Julie Kidd. When Julie calls her kids for dinner, they run to the car.  Hippie Housewife Karen Rontowski who dated man who didn’t want a woman who was vulnerable; so she stabbed him. Inappropriate Housewife Kira Soltanovich from the new FOX Hit TV Show “Punchlines” and also has her own Special “You Did This To Me!”   The Lazy Housewife Stephanie Blum who ate all her Jenny Craig snacks before she left the parking lot!  Introducing the newest Housewife: the Husbandless Housewife Jackie Fabulous who finds Funny in her Flaws! She’s appeared on BET, OWN, Comic’s Unleashed and is a nationally acclaimed speaker!

Karen Rontowski

David Brenner says, “Even if you can't spell Karen Rontowski, you'd 
better remember it, because she is GREAT!”

Ms. Rontowski describes herself as having an optimistic outlook; 
everything is coming up roses when you talk to Karen.  So what if her 
therapist says she’s in complete denial.  The truth is, when it comes to 
her standup comedy career, everything is coming up roses, or at least 

Comedian Karen Rontowski’s  upbeat, optimistic and clean sense of 
humor has earned her headlining spots all over the world.  She has also 
opened for such show biz legends as Bob Hope, Ray Charles and the 
Monkees.  Often described as a “New Age Hippie” Rontowski says 
“there is no time like the present to be living in the past.”

Karen’s real touring trips (not the ones in her head) include 45 of the 50 
states, Canada, Japan, Greenland and all over Europe.   She has also 
entertained the troops with tales of her Polish father who once put a 
drawbridge on their house… actually he just installed the garage door 
upside down.  But that’s Karen….  always accentuating the positive..

A television favorite, you may have seen this hilarious woman on 
Comedy Central,  Live at Gotham and Comics Unleashed.  A regular on 
the Bob and Tom Radio Show, Karen keeps listeners laughing not only 
with her standup, but also when she talks about her other career as a 
paranormal investigator.

Recently seen performing in the encore production of David Brenner’s 
“What’s so funny?” and the TBS Comedy Festival, Karen just completed 
the television pilot, Karen’s Supernatural Junkyard,  in which she spear-
heads  hilarious adventures into supernatural investigations.  Just ask 
her about her ghost orbs!  “I am not afraid of ghosts, they’re just people 
who don’t know their dead yet.  Like Dick Cheney.”

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